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Linux Sabily

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The exact date of December 19 last, Sabily Linux development team announced the latest release of Linux Sabily Sabiliy is 11:10. As you know, Sabily is a special linux distro Muslims based on Ubuntu Linux distro.

Sabily 11:10 a 11:10 a Ubuntu derivative (Oneiric Ocelot) was released by the codename 'Uhud', one of the historic battle of Uhud in which ever occurred in the initial phase of propagation of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. In addition to bringing almost all the features that are owned by its parent, 11:10 Sabily comes with a number of updates and changes.

Some regular changes are done include:

Updated base system to Ubuntu 11:10,

artwork and a new wallpaper,

The new login theme manager,

bootscreen a new theme,

addition of GNOME Shell,

adding some support the use of GNOME 3,

the addition of the theme configuration capabilities,

While new applications are included in this distribution are:

Alfanous, specialized search engines Qur'an,

gnome-shell-extension-islamic-datetime, a special extension for GNOME Shell handles Hijra calendar,

GNOME Tweak Tool Customize option as a vehicle for GNOME 3

Download Here :

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